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Animal Stories

Holly Webb

The Frightened Kitten, My Naughty Little Puppy, The Brave Kitten, The Forgotten Puppy, Catmagic, Hamstermagic, A Cat Called Penguin


Betty G. Birney

The World According to Humphrey, Trouble According to Humphrey, Friendship According to Humphrey, Surprises According to Humphrey


Magic Puppy and Magic Kitten Series by Sue Bentley

Star of the Show, Cloud Capers, Sparkling Steps, Firelight Friends
Puppy Patrol Series by Jenny Dale

Teacher’s Pet, Homeward Bound
Michael Morpurgo

Cock-a-doodle Do, The Butterfly Lion, Toro! Toro! Cool!
Animal Ark Series by Lucy Daniels

Beagle in the Basket, Racehorse in the Rain, Panda in the Park
Dick King Smith

Sophie Series:Sophie’s Snail, Sophie’s Tom, Sophie’s Luck, The Sheep Pig, The Golden Goose, Lady Lollipop