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My Story Series

These are by various authors and from different points in history, but all are written in diary form from the point of view of someone at the events.  Examples include:


Anastiasia by Carolyn Meyer


Anne Blyen and Me by Alison Prince


Battle of Britain: A Second World War Spitfire Pilot 1939-1941 by Chris Priestley


Spartipuss Tales by Robin Price

Boudicat, I am Spartipuss


Before They Were Famous Series by Caroline Corby

Boudica, Cleopatra, Pocahontas, William the Conqueror, Lady Jane Grey, Julius Cesaer


Horrible Histories by Terry Deary

Measly Middle Ages, Incredible Incas, Rotten Romans, Groovy Greeks etc
Flashbacks Series by Stewart Ross

Athens Is Saved, Beware the King, Down With The Romans,Dear Mum, I Miss You


World War II Flashbacks Series

Blitz Boys by Linda Newbery, The Right Moment by David Belbin, Blood and Ice by Neil Tonge, Final Victory by Herbie Brennan


Morris Gleitzman

Then, Once, Now